Building an Air Villa

December 2014
The Garage Door

The garage door is in, it's a motorised sectional door with remote control. It is 10 x 2.5m with a fixed 0.5m section at the top for all the running gear. It wasn't cheap but they had install a lot of additional steelwork to support it and it took them 3 days. There is a small crease on the inside which you can see in the photos, it doesn't affect the structural integrity or operation of the door and you can't see it from the outside but they offered me a substantial discount for accepting it so everyone's happy.

And finally, this is what happens when you put your wheels on the grass so

Keep Off the Grass!

Spring 2015
Hall & Bathroom

While it's been cold I've been getting on with the bathroom, starting with the lighting then the plasterboard and finally the shower cubicle. I've also bought a mega expensive stainless steel hot water tank.

Summer 2015
Railings & Bathroom

The railings are stainless steel posts with cedar handrails so I've spent many hours drilling 10mm fixing holes through them. I was originally going to drill holes through the steel beams but that was too much hard work and I couldn't get the holes accurate enough so I've clamped some galvanised steel plates to them and fixed the posts to that. On wet days I'm getting on with the bathroom, the shower works, I've even got the luxury of hot water and the rest should be finished in the autumn.

To be continued...

Many thanks to the following suppliers:

Design & Project Management Design 24
Steelwork Steelteam Construction (UK) Ltd
House Sipco Ltd
Windows & Doors Leach & Clegg Ltd
Patio Door (Sunflex SF75H) Olsen Doors & Windows
Roof SARL Roussel Batiments
Garage Door SMF Services

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