Building an Air Villa - Part 4

June 2014
The Terrace

It finally stopped raining and a couple of friends came over to help me do the terrace. It's Canadian Red Cedar which looks great at the moment but will fade as it weathers. It took 3 of us a week to complete it, it's not just the cutting the wood to size, there are about 1,500 screws holding it down. The stairs are also red cedar which is a bit soft so I may have to put protective cappings on the edges.

I've also checked that the plane fits in the garage

Summer 2014
The Interior

I'm doing the interior myself so it's going to take a long time as I'm only there one week a month. I've installed a temporary toilet and washbasin so I don't have to go across the road all the time. I've started on the wiring so I've got some lights in the evenings and can run a fridge. All the wires run in flexible conduit and because it's in France there aren't any ring circuits, everything runs from the fusebox which is full of circuit breakers. I've also started on the ceilings, there's a fancy contraption you can buy which means you can do it by yourself although it's a bit awkward on sloping ceilings.

September 2014
The Paths

Marie Drucker, a French TV personality did some filming at the Air Park so Pascal has been working hard to get all the paths finished in time.

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